BIK cleaning. How it’s working? How can you delete a bad credit history.

If you have ever applied for a loan, you have come across the concept of credit history or BIK history. So you already know that it depends on her whether you can make more commitments or buy any equipment in installments. The validity of your credit history is beyond doubt, but it’s worth finding out what information it consists of and how it translates into your financial future.


What is a credit history and how to control it?

What is a credit history and how to control it?

The credit history begins when you first borrow or make installments. It consists of information about your financial obligations collected in BIK. BIK’s credit history includes data on loans that you repay currently or those you have repaid in the past. The BIK analysis also focuses on whether you pay your liabilities regularly. You will build your creditworthiness, paying attention to regular repayment of installments, bills, etc. To be sure that your BIK history will work in your favor, when you want to apply for the next loan, try to control it. You can do it by downloading the BIK data.


Your BIK report – why should you get to know it?

Your BIK report - why should you get to know it?

Thanks to the analysis of your payment history you will find out if and what chances you have to take a loan. You will also learn the reasons for the failure if the bank has just refused to grant you a loan. What’s more, you will verify your financial security by checking if someone has borrowed using your name. So the main advantage of the report is your peace of mind. Remember: every six months you can apply for a BIK report for free and without leaving your home, all you have to do is log in to the BIK website and confirm your identity.


How to read the BIK report?

credit report

The BIK report consists of information presented in a clear and easy to understand form. They are min. :

  • BIK indicator – with the help of colors it will show you whether you regularly pay liabilities (green), whether there are small delays in payments (orange) or if they are longer than 30 days (red).
  • Points assessment – so-called scoring is created on the basis of information about your credit history and forecasts how accurately you will pay off future liabilities.
  • Summary – shows the amount of your commitments and progress in paying them off.
  • Detailed information – here you will look at your obligations and progress in their settlement.

Financial information from BIG InfoMonitor – indicates receivables from various companies, eg contracts with telecommunications companies.


How can you delete a bad credit history?

How can you delete a bad credit history?

Pursuant to the applicable banking law, you can request correction of information in BIK only when:

  • You want to withdraw your consent to the processing of data on already repaid loans.
  • Five years have passed since the problem payment was settled.
  • The credit history contained in the BIK data contains untrue information that you want to correct.

Apart from the above, you can improve your credit standing by using the CREDIT HISTORY REPAIR service. This service will help you improve your BIK history in four steps by providing you with smaller loans. Paying them regularly, you will ensure that BIK receives information about your reliability in settling financial obligations. Thanks to this, banks will be more positive about your loan application in the future. Each time you use the site is one positive information about the improvement of your situation for the largest credit information bureaus.

Worth remembering: check your creditworthiness regularly. Thanks to this, you will avoid disappointments when you need financial support from the bank.

Credit for operation up to 1500 eur, loan for medical services

Of all the offerings we most often encounter loans for construction, repair, education. In almost every bank, a borrower can apply for a mortgage or car loan. But what if you have a dramatic deterioration in your health and need to find a decent amount of money in a short period of time, such as surgery?

There is usually no credit such as health credit

There is usually no credit such as health credit

To cover your expenses, banks can only offer consumer credit, which you can spend on medical services without collateral . But the main disadvantage of this kind of financial support is that consumer loans are not long-term, yes, even with a loan amount, you can only have enough for investigations, not a serious operation. With the ever-increasing cost of medical services, many have problems even with proper dentures. Much more operational intervention will require even more resources.

In order to find a sufficient amount of money in a short period of time, borrowers have to apply for several consumer loans at different banks. But how profitable it is and how cheaper it is to get a loan for health, you will understand if you learn the main features of this type of loan .

How to get a quick credit for health?


Of course, if you are in urgent need of surgery and your health is inexorably worsening, then there is no time to think and look for the most appropriate option. The easiest and fastest way to get money for an operation is to apply online for credit by sending a virtual application. Many credit organizations in Latvia do not even have in-house representative offices, but they have the potential to provide money to pay for medical services.

In order to get the bank credit for your operation on optimal terms , you first need to assess your creditworthiness and check your credit history. To get a bank loan for medical services quickly, you’ll need to submit:

  • Your checking account statement.
  • Contact phone number .
  • Email address.
  • Filled in form to receive the required amount of money.

Given that you will take a consumer credit for a medical operation


Not a long-term credit, the overpayment will not be too great: typically, these loans have a maximum repayment term of 4 years.

Any citizen of Latvia over 18 years of age may receive medical services and his / her age may not exceed 75 years . Similarly, the borrower must have a regular income and not be on the list of Latvian debtors. It is recommended that you apply for money at the same time in several credit organizations. From the list of banks that have answered you positively, you will need to select the most appropriate program.

Many lenders offer you money without losing interest, considering that you are a new customer and you are applying for a loan for the first time with this organization. For borrowers looking for money to pay for medical services, this is quite a bargain: applying for several of these loans at once, without interest, can borrow money in the form of non-credit.