Cheap car loans with the car finance calculator

There are many ways to finance a new or used vehicle in Austria. Classic bank credit, dealer financing, leasing. Which model is best for you, how and when, depends on many factors. A car finance calculator helps you find the best and cheapest car loan.

Compare cheapest car loan and apply online

You can easily compare an online car loan: Enter your desired amount, the term and the purpose in our loan calculator. With one click you will immediately receive the best offers – with the cheapest rate and all important details about your car loan .

If you have found the right loan for you in our car loan comparison calculator , you can apply for it directly on the website of the respective bank.

Your online loan application in just a few steps

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Background knowledge about car loans

Nowadays, various types and models of loans are offered for car purchase. Ultimately, every type of financing is about not having to pay the entire purchase price immediately, but spreading the financial burden over a longer period of time. This ends the similarities of the financing models, because they differ significantly in the details.

Financing in terms of cars is not the worst idea: New, environmentally-friendly vehicles are safer, more stable in value and usually much cheaper to maintain. In addition, interest rates on car loans have been lower than they have been for a long time.

Before any financing, the question arises: What rate can I really afford? And where can I find the right cheap loan for it?

Bank car loan: What options does a traditional installment loan offer?

A popular form of car financing is the classic installment loan from the bank. As a buyer, you usually pay part of the purchase price in cash or by trading in your used one. The remaining amount is financed through a motor vehicle loan, which is repaid in constant monthly installments over a certain term. Car loans for the entire purchase price are also possible.

Credit by comparison: Using a car loan calculator, you can put together your desired loan online in just a few minutes: by the term, loan amount or maximum monthly loan rate – perfectly tailored to your personal needs. So you can find the loan that suits you and you can choose the best and cheapest offer for you straight away.

Sought-after cash payer: Financing with a bank loan also makes you independent and a sought-after cash payer and bargain king at retailers. Because if the car loan is in the account, negotiation and purchase become child’s play. Merchants usually reward cash payments with high discounts of 15% or more, with special promotions or additional equipment festivals. So you can save twice as much when you buy your dream car.

High flexibility: After all, you can pay off a car loan from banks ahead of time – in part or in full – or at any time convert to an even cheaper loan from a bank. This usually does not cost you a cent. You are automatically the owner of the vehicle immediately.

Bank loans with a final installment: For some years now, banks have also offered another option for financing motor vehicles: the car loan with a final installment. Its duration is significantly shorter than the life expectancy of the car – usually four years. Such a loan simply pays off the purchase price of the car minus the estimated fair value at the end of the loan term. The monthly installments are therefore significantly lower than with a classic installment loan, however, there remains an open amount in the end, which ideally corresponds to the current value of the car. You can then repay this directly to the bank in a final installment, realize it by selling the vehicle or continue to finance it with follow-up financing. This is why this is also referred to as 3-point financing.

Tip: Almost every bank also offers special auto loans in particularly favorable conditions. Thanks to the fact that the vehicle is assigned as security, the risk of loan default for the bank is reduced – which leads to lower interest rates and lower installments. Important: Always state the intended use when comparing!