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Occasionally, there may be times in our lives when we need more credit. For example, we would like to borrow a personal loan for the cost of a wedding or an exotic trip. Even if you buy your neighbor’s car for sale, but you don’t have enough money, a free loan can come in handy. We will show you what the favorable personal loan offers are now.

We compile $ 1,000,000 in personal loans . We have chosen a 60-month term so that the monthly repayment is not too heavy. As a result of the long maturity, the total repayment will be relatively higher, but monthly installments of less than HUF 25,000 will be available only in this way.


If we make a transfer of income

If you apply for the Mellow Advance Personal Loan by March 20, 2016, the bank will grant a 3 percentage point discount on the standard annual interest rate until the end of the term. Applying for a personal loan does not require that your monthly income arrive at Mellow Bank, but if you transfer at least HUF 100,000 per month to your account, you will receive a 2% discount. In the event that you transfer your payment to the bank, you will be required to pay back a total of $ 1,433,645 with a fixed $ 23,894 installment, and the APR will be 16.30%.

For the Mellow Advance Personal Loan, it is worth comparing how much more the total repayable amount would be if Mellow did not receive at least 100,000 monthly income. Without the income transfer, the total repayment would be $ 1,498,454, which is only $ 64,809 more than if we had a bank transfer of income. So it is worth considering whether the slightly more favorable conditions are worth the money to be transferred to the bank where we borrow the personal loan.


Loans that can be taken without a transfer of income

The Matria Savings Cooperative’s Consumer Loan is available on favorable terms and the only requirement is that you have to open an account with them. Matria has a total of nearly 40 branches in Pest County and Pucarest, offering many people the best personal loan offer available today. The interest rate period of the loan is fixed for only 3 months, which may pose a risk due to a subsequent interest rate increase. The repayment of the loan for 3 months is HUF 21,983, so the total repayment amount is HUF 1,340,888, the APR is 12,91%.

The specialty of Cofidis Renewable Credit is that during the term of the loan, the outstanding amount of capital that has not been called up or repaid can be reused if we have fulfilled our payment obligation under the loan agreement or if we do not appear in the negative KHR list at the time of re-drawing. In the case of a Renewable Loan, the interest period is 6 months, so here we have to expect some risk due to a possible rise in interest rates. We do not have a 60 month maturity on this loan, so with the longest maturity of 46 months, it comes out to be a $ 31,219 installment installment over the first 6 months, with a total APR of 21.70%.

You can apply for the OTP Promotional Personal Loan online coupon with a 2% discount until March 18, 2016. In case of applying for a loan, the bank guarantees that the loan amount will be transferred to the bank account within 1 hour after the conclusion of the contract. If this commitment is not met by the bank and we advise them, you may receive a Tesco voucher worth $ 10,000 in compensation. The loan repayment installment is fixed at HUF 24,847, so the total repayment amount will be HUF 1,490,832, with a APR of 18.36%.


Discount and gift tablet

At Muffsen AlwaysFix Personal Loan, you get a 2% discount on your online registration with the presentation of a custom code via email. The discount on the online registration is available for contracts concluded until March 18, 2016. Registration is open until March 11th. Whenever you take out a Fixed Personal Loan, your bank will give you a tablet as a gift if the loan agreement is signed by March 18, 2016. The loan repayment installment is fixed at HUF 24,585, so the total repayment amount will be HUF 1,485,071, with a APR of 18.36%.

There are also loans where the bank does not promise a gift but promises a quick payout. In the case of the Sharebank Fair Express Personal Loan, the bank disburses the loan within 24 hours in the event of a positive credit assessment. This loan will also have a fixed installment of HUF 23,785, the total amount to be repaid is HUF 1,437,081, and the APR is 16.84%.


More interesting things

With Detelem’s personal loan, the name “My Rhythm” indicates that you can defer repayment free of charge once a year. If we choose to do so, we will recalculate the installments with unchanged maturity. The interest period is fixed throughout, as is the case with the Oney Promotional Personal Loan . Neither Detelem nor Oney expect us to transfer our earnings to them, nor is it possible, as they do not manage bank accounts.


With a monthly income of 250,000

By the end, we have left another good personal loan offer, but in order to get this loan, we must have a high enough income. In the case of Newborn Bank Now Extra Personal Loan, the application for the loan is subject to a monthly income of HUF 250,000 and employment for at least one year. The interest period of the loan is fixed for 3 years, during which the repayment installment remains HUF 21,002. For a loan amount of one million forints, the total amount to be repaid over 60 months is HUF 1,282,112, with a APR of 10.85%.

So you can choose from a variety of credit options and make a well-informed decision, which will be aided by our personal loan comparison calculator.

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