That easy you can renovate your home with a Gilgamesh credit

Surely at some time in your life you have thought that it is time to apply for a loan and renovate your home, giving it a new air; but sometimes all those thoughts and desires of constructions and remodels full of light, with the smell of fresh paint and new household items, go to waste for many reasons that at the time may seem weighty, but which are really insignificant .

How can a Good Finance Credit help you to solve these problems?

How can a Good Finance Credit help you to solve these problems?

Applying for a loan to remodel your home or office in Guatemala can be a difficult process because financial institutions do not offer what you need; And far from being a benefit, it turns out to be a long-term problem.

In Credits Good Finance you find an ally with years of experience in the market and with the ability and desire to help you, offering:


We give you the money with a maximum period of 24 hours after requesting your credit, without the need to present a guarantor to support the loan processed with us.


People like you have great ideas for your property to have a greater commercial appraisal or just to feel better at home. So Credits Good Finance provides different amounts of money according to your need.

From Q4,000 to Q100,000 and best of all, you receive them easily and quickly

From Q4,000 to Q100,000 and best of all, you receive them easily and quickly

We understand that each client has a different payment capacity

Therefore, here you can renovate your home and make your dream come true with loans that you can pay in the term you want, up to 60 months.


From the first moment you make contact with us, either personally or virtually, you will be advised by people trained to deliver information about the credits transparently, offering the best option depending on your needs and your ability to pay.

Do you want to know what are the trends in renovation for each space of the house?


Trends in kitchens

The large islands and with more open design will form a fundamental space in the year 2019, because the kitchen is the place where you can eat and have meetings with friends or family to socialize, making it a multifunctional space of the house.

Trends in bathrooms

Materials such as wood, tiles and glass are those chosen by experts to cover the floor or wall of the bathrooms. Its texture gives elegance, luminosity, luxury and beauty to this very personal space.

Trends in the rooms

The different styles suggest that the elements that will steal the attention this season will be white furniture, due to the contrast it offers with dark blue, red, lime green walls, among others. Additionally, small accessories should be added that give a feeling of open space whose result is a reflection of minimalism and distinction.

Since you know the trends in home renovation for the year 2019, we believe that it is the right time to make the decision and request the loan that renews your home. Keep in mind that when you renovate your home, you renew yourself.

Remember that if you need a totally free financial advice on credits to make your dream come true, you can do it with Good Finance Credits. We have quotas tailored to you, without guarantor and in less than 24 hours.

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