May 18, 2017
Learn How to Take Charge of Food at Fat Camp
By Kim Carlson | | 0 Comments |
LEARNING ABOUT FOOD The purpose of fat camp is not to drop the pounds off quickly. A good fat camp is planning ahead by helping your child tame the monster called food for the rest of their lives. If they are not taught nutrition, portion control and fat control then they have gained nothing from attending fat camp. EMPOWERING THE CHILDREN WITH KNOWLEDGE ABOUT FOOD In order to eat well the kids need to learn about food. Camps will have mandatory classroom work on food. They will be taught how to read labels and learn that a portion size is not the eating or drinking the entire amount at one sitting. In the find print on packaging they will be shown how to look at portion size. The intent is not to keep the child from foods they enjoy but teaching them to enjoy all types of foods but still within limits. Much of our lives center around food and it is the same for the kids. They will be taught what to eat when out with their friends. They will be encouraged to stay within the calorie count for each day even when they go home. Fat content is stressed. Some camps will target fat content as the culprit to content with and will teach your child the same. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE CAMPERS GO HOME If you chose a good fat camp for your child, they will be prepared for eating at home. They are not fed "diet foods" at camp but the same food they like prepared differently. Instead of fried chicken nuggets they will have baked chicken nuggets. Food education on what to eat with the proper cooking method will be taught. Your child will learn how to cook at the camp. They will actually prepare meals in small groups and eat together. Once they are at home, they will know how to prepare food that is tasty yet good for them. They will learn how to prepare all their favorites foods by a chef who will teach them the cooking methods such as steam, baked or broiled cooking. He will also teach them how to flavor their food. Your kids will want to eat healthy because it tastes good, not because it is "diet food". Good camps will give your child regular food. They will have lasagna, pizza, macaroni and cheese but a cooked with less calories and definitely healthier.…
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