January 10, 2020
Best Carp Bait Recipes
By Kim Carlson | | 0 Comments |
I've been carp fishing for the last fifteen years, and in that time have tried numerous different carp bait recipes, some invented by me and some passed on to me. The following is a list of some of the most productive ones I have ever used. Corn Chow - 2 cups Trout chow - 1 bottled Strawberry Daquiri - 1 Can creamed corn After mixing the bait I place it on my hooks (on Corn Pops), then put a generous splash of Vanilla flavoring on the ball. Its important to test this mix in a bucket of water before using, to ensure that there is not too much trout chow and that it will break up once in the water. Red Rice - 2 cups uncooked rice - 1 cup Ketchup - enough water to soften rice This is a really productive bait. The only problem is that it is very soft, making it hard to keep on the hook. Hot Lemon Chow - 2 cups trout chow - 1/4 bottle artificial lemon flavor - 1 cup corn meal - generous splash of Texas Pete hot sauce Another very productive bait. The corn meal will also assist with the bait breaking up once it is in the water. As a substitution if you wish to, chocolate syrup can be substituted for the Texas Pete. I have had a lot of success with the chocolate. If the pond you are fishing has a high percentage of catfish however, they will definitely come after this one.…
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