September 24, 2020
NY Fried Chicken and Seafood Restaurant in Towson
By Kim Carlson | | 0 Comments |
The local Popeye's on Joppa road is temporarily closed, so my husband and I decided to try the NY Fried Chicken and Seafood on Loch Raven in the Hilton Plaza Shopping Center. We had seen the place and the smells emanating from inside were not easy to resist. The staff though small is pleasant which goes a long way when you are not a regular in a restaurant. Besides, customer service is not why people go to big chains, but for the familiar flavor of the food. I ordered the two piece fish with French fries while my husband ordered the three piece chicken. Walking back to our car, the food in the bag smelled like a carnival, like local food from a local vendor. I was impressed with the fish as it was not a complicated batter. It complimented the fish quite well and brought out the flavor of the tilapia. I'm not the biggest fan of fried chicken but my husband's dish was good too. He found it to be quite juicy and the rolls that came as a side certainly brought a light sweetness to the meal. I was a little timid to try the French fries because I am picky about my fried spuds. Although they lacked in saltiness they were still some of the better restaurant fries I have tried. More salt could easily be added to them. Since I can no longer get my fry fix from the McDonalds across the street, I might be a regular at NY Fried Chicken and Seafood just for their fries. The prices are slightly higher than the big chains, but the food is fresher and has less preservatives. In addition, the portions were big and I was able to save half of it for dinner. All in all the food was a great value. Although the batter was not as flavorful for the chicken as Popeye's or KFC, NY Fried Chicken and Seafood offers a wide menu. For one thing they have collard greens as a side. Collard greens are a popular cook out food that Popeye's and KFC do not carry here. They also offer ribs, salads, ice cream, pies, and gyros. Without a doubt, I would recommend this location of NY Fried Chicken and Seafood as a new place to try. It's been two hours since I had lunch and my mouth is craving more.…
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