October 20, 2020
Right Sizing Fast-Food Until You Eliminate it from Your Meals
By Kim Carlson | | 0 Comments |

I was fond of fast food so much so that I could not live without pizzas, chips and burgers. I just had to have a pizza, French fries, or a crispy fried chicken burger; all that food did have an impact on my figure but I did not mind looking chubby until one day I realized my clothes did not suit me, my shirts started clinging to my body, especially my arms seemed as if they were fastened by tight-fitting material; I seemed heavy and slightly ugly.

I knew it was time I watched out what I ate so I started to diet. I had gone on a few diets before and had some idea of what would work out. I knew I could not live without my fast food, I loved it. I read plenty of stuff on dieting, fattening foods and managing eating habits and I devised my own little strategy to give-up on fast food, lose weight and to look good.

Here's what I did. I ate one-fourth of fast food I used to eat, with other foods that were high in fibre like brown bread and pita bread, complemented with home-made meals, and fresh or boiled vegetables. My favorite food mix was a quarter slice of pizza, one bowl full of finely chopped cucumber mixed in lemon juice and pepper, and one slice of brown bread with home-made grilled chicken. One of my other favorite meals included a small bowl full of French fries, a bowl full of boiled beet-root, and grilled steak. And another combination was a quarter of crispy fried chicken burger, with chicken curry and rice.

Everyday I ate something that did not add too many calories and at the same time I made sure my food was full of flavors so that I satisfied my appetite with something filling. I had lost weight before so I knew drinking a glass or two full of water every time I felt hungry would suppress the untimely jolts of hunger, my tummy growled for food now and then but I somehow managed to restrict myself from overeating by using these little techniques.

I started eating lesser of the fattening fast food full of mayonnaise, cheese, and heavy filling and my appetite for fast food reduced until I started enjoying only home-made grilled food, soups and boiled rice and gravy complemented with tasty salads. My body became accustomed to my new eating habits; I realized my stomach did not growl for food at odd hours. I reduced weight and managed to keep fit only because I continued to watch how much of what I ate.…

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