November 2, 2020
Catay Restaurant Review,Alicante area, Costa Blanca
By Kim Carlson | | 0 Comments |

A brisk stroll in the chilly December air brought us to a restaurant I frequently pass in the Alicante Golf area of Playa San Juan, it is part of a family owned chain of restaurants and what we call "Everything" shops, we had a spendid A La Carte experience last year at their first restaurant in the village of Sant Joan, and we were not disappointed at the buffet restaurant.

From the moment you walk through the doors you are welcomed warmly, and the service is exceptional throughout. The food is plentiful, there is a reasonable wine list with the more expensive wines still around the 10 euro mark, they also sell Sake by the cup or small carafe so we warmed up straight away with a carafe which was only 4.50!


There are three large main course buffet trolleys, one with raw ingredients you plate up and take to the chef for cooking, one with hot prepared dishes like rices and fried starters, one with cold salads and vegetables, a nod to the Spanish House Salad with olives, boiled eggs, tuna, cheese etc. There is also a smaller dessert buffet with a good selection of fresh fruits and a fridge with puddings.

There is a fantastic selection of seafood and meats for the chef to cook for you, shelled raw tiger prawns, langoustines, razor clams, squid, large shell on prawns, and just as many meats to choose from, lamb chops, steak whole or sliced, chicken breast whole or finely sliced, with lovely fresh vegetables if you're so inclined, I had some asparagus, oriental mushrooms, green pepper and brocolli for example.

The puddings were also very good, there were Asian fruits as well as more local ones, and an assortment of puddings from Tiramisu to Creme Caramel.

Everything was fresh, well stocked and the waiting staff were friendly and attentive. The chef was a charming man too, even under pressure when it got busy as the evening progressed. Unlike the waiting staff I don't think he spoke any English, however should you need help there was always a waitress nearby waiting to see if you need anything.

We arrived early which I recommend as the restaurant gets really busy, but lingered for a good couple of hours. They open for the evening at 8pm and by half past 9 they were almost full.

We had a great evening and will definitely be making this a regular haunt! To have such great choice for such a reasonable price it's great value. Well worth getting out of the city for, there is also a tram stop on the L4 route from the city within sight of the restaurant, called Sergio Cardell, once there find the street Avenida Vicente Ramos and within a few seconds you will have passed the Post Office(Correos) and have found the shopping complex where the restaurant is situated. There's also a taxi rank outside. The buses-there's a stop for the number 9 almost directly outside, and the …

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